The Rights of Detained and Condemned Prisoners in the Nigerian Correctional Facilities – A Synopsis of the Legislative Framework
Dr Alaba Ibironke KEKERE

Prisoners are generally denied certain rights as a result of incarceration. They are subjected to restrained movement and do not have assurance of freedom of personal liberty as guaranteed under the law. In Nigeria, prisoners are treated as if they are without rights despite that the only right taken away from a prisoner is the right to personal liberty and perhaps, right to privacy. Therefore, this article examines basic fundamental human rights which should not be forfeited as a result of incarceration as it argues that human rights are universal and apply to all humans irrespective of their location. It is observed that Nigeria has failed in its obligations to comply with the provisions of international instruments that guarantee prisoners‟ rights despite being a state party while the relevant provisions of the Constitution are not being enforced. Therefore, measures must be put in place to domesticate the instruments so as to ensure full compliance with the provisions that could ensure functional and efficient prison administration in Nigeria. Non-legislative measures are needed to tackle the continued disrespect of the rights of prisoners in Nigeria.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v9n1a2