The Right to Mental Health for Prisoners according to the Recent Constitutional Report of the Council
Francesco Perchinunno

In the context of people’s health protection, the management of profiles related to the mental health of prisoners is particularly critical. Since as the health protection is an human and constitutional right, we need to give no difference in management of both free and prisoners. Mental health of prisoners is compromised by restrictions During detention because rights exercised every day are strongly limited. In order to protect the mental health of prisoners, we need to propose a model based by clinical care of Psychiatric disorders outside of prison, as well as it occurs for not-detained people. Based on these findings, to preserve Dignity of such persons, the sentence of Constitutional Court about home detention plays a crucial role. It is considered an efficient tool for reducing discomfort in health-compromised subjects under detention and for improving their quality of life.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v8n2a1