An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of Illegally Acquired Asset Management System in Tanzania
Abdulrahman O.J. Kaniki

This paper is set to inquire into the effectiveness of illegally acquired asset management system in Tanzania. It briefly looks at what is offered by the law and what transpires on the ground. The paper is premised on the fact that the whole asset recovery process is meaningful if assets that are subject to forfeiture are available, properly managed, well kept and maintained. All this depends on whether from the initial to the final stage of the whole asset recovery efforts there were transparent, accountable, efficient and effective management of the assets seized and recovered. It is on this line of argument that asset management is said to be effective and profitable. Short of that the whole legal battle aiming at recovering the assets under consideration is doomed to a dead end. More so, recovered assets are additional resources for development activities. As such any neglect, which depreciates their economic value, diminishes their economic contribution to the nation’s prosperity.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v7n1a2