Comparative Analysis of Honor Killing Phenomena in China and Pakistan
Muhammad Bilawal Khaskheli, Hafiz Abdul Rehman Saleem, Sughra Bibi, Jonathan Gsell Mapa

This research sets out to examine the main excuses often mentioned in connection to the so-called honor killings in Pakistan and China. In this way, the aim is to discuss the idea of honor killings by looking at trends and patterns in this kind of homicides in Pakistan and China, this study also explores what legal and judicial obstacles stand in the way of putting an end to the abuse of killing women and daughters in the name of honor. Honor killings, the illegal decrees by caste/clan/community Panchayats to annul or prohibit marriages, social boycotts and even murder of couples have finally drawn the attention of the State, killing in the name of honor amounts to utter rejection of „egalitarianism‟ - a corner stone of Pakistan‟s Constitution and testifies how the values of „feudalism and „patriarchy‟ are rooted in our social systems. According to the past research and study it is clear that the person who commit this homicidal act are generally blood related to the victim fathers, mothers, brothers, cousins, and sometimes other female relatives such as mothers have also been documented as being supporters. Most research and studies on honor killings have been conducted in Pakistan. This study is a Comparative study on honor killing between Pakistan and China. The study will examine the problems in the Criminal Law of Pakistan and solution to the problem, why there are so many cases of honor killing in Pakistan and how can it be reduced.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v6n2a2