A Study on Aspects of Private Case and the Interference by the Insuring Party in Criminal Proceeding (A Comparative Study in Egypt, France & Iran Legal Systems)
Mohsen Saeedinia, Abbas Karimi

Crime, as a social phenomenon, not only violates the rights of individuals but also spoils the rights belonging to society and accordingly in addition to violating the individual rights, spoils the society rights as well and, it can be the source of two types of cases: one case is the public case brought by the public prosecutor order and protecting the society against the crime and the other case is the private case brought by the victim aimed at restoration and compensation of the damaged occurred to him/her. This paper, considering the latter type, elaborates on the recently approved laws and legal systems of Egypt, France and Iran and tries to review and analyze private cases arising from a crime, shows and tries to has shown and tried to, considering the recently approved laws and the legal systems of the countries, review and analyze the private cases arising from a crime. Accordingly, in the first section, the concept and nature of the private cases are reviewed and analyzed then the second section deals with the elements of the private cases and the interference by the insuring party is reviewed and analyzed in the legal systems in Egypt, France & Iran.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v5n2a10