Due Process of Law in International Commercial Arbitration with Special Reference to Production of Documents
Dr. Mohammed Zaheeruddin

Arbitration provides speedy mode of settlement of disputes between the parties. In the course of arbitration, the arbitration tribunal has an obligation to give a fair opportunity to the parties to present their case. The fair hearing or due process of law in arbitration requires that both parties must be treated equally and given opportunity to be heard, which include a party may request the other party for production of documents, which are relevant to the case. Hence, the international arbitration rules contained the provisions to order a party, on its own or on the request of a party, to produce the documents relevant to the outcome of the case. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, any denial of this opportunity may be considered as a violation of due process of law, consequently a party may challenge the enforcement of the award..

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v4n1a7