Analysis of Customer’s Loss as The Impact of E-commerce

Conventional commerce is known as trading products through face to face interaction and real transaction.However, the internet connection already changed the conventional commerce into e-commerce. The development of science and technology makes the researcher is interested in the problems on the regulation and law of consumers’ loss in the e-commerce. Commonly, the steps of e-commerce are posting some pictures and providing price, detail information and contact person of seller. If the buyer is interested in those products, they easily contact the sellers via text or phone. In this case, the law of Information and Electronic Transaction does not regulate about the compensation yet. It is related to the injury damage. namely; costs, compensations, and interests which may be required by consumers in order to obtain the advantages. The damages due to the misconduct of sellers should be prosecuted clearly and detailly since both sellers and buyers must get profit equally in online shopping.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v4n1a10