University Education and the Essential Criteria of Democracy in Mexico
Dr. Joaquin Ordoñez Sedeño

The political Constitution of the United States Mexico, in its article 3, section II, subsection a), establishes the education given by the Mexican State must be aimed, among others, by a democratic approach. However, there is no guarantee that the precepts and commands created by a legislator - in the form of deontic categories- impact on the facts and, therefore, arises the question whether indeed this constitutional mandate is respected and fulfilled in the social and educational reality. Revising the importance that democracy and its minimum standards in the delivery of education in general, as well as the mandates and regulations that permeate the activity and operation of the public University, specifically the autonomous of the State of Mexico. It is a theoretical review on democracy in Mexico and its minimum guidelines for its practice, ending with a contrast on the importance that has the fact that college students have the ability to practice, exercise and, eventually, teach democracy, especially by its character of professionals whose activity is heavily involved in social issues. Ends reflecting on some of the behaviors of teachers affecting to a greater or lesser extent in those democratic parameters.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v3n1a5