Corporate Political Speech: How Nigeria Threw Away the Baby with the Bath Water: Any Lesson from Citizens United?
Rufus Akpofurere Mmadu

This paper examines the concept of Corporate Political Speech in a Democracy. Corporation being a legal person is clothed with distinct attributes necessary for its existence as a person and for the realization of its goals and objectives. The paper reasons that Corporation must speak out in politics to influence ideas and enrich debates in the political marketplace. As a person, the Corporation is entitled to rights to free speech. Unfortunately in Nigeria, the message is blatant and uncompromising - a business corporation has no business in politics. It must follow political debates and policies sheepishly and slavishly without a voice. The paper finds that the blanket-ban on Corporate Political Donations in Nigeria has bred a black market for corporate speech. It juxtaposes the Nigerian position with the US jurisdiction with a view to finding a suitable model for Nigeria’s nascent democracy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v2n2a10