Scientific Paper, an Overview on the Status of the Rule of Government and State from the Perspective of Sociology and History of Law
Dr. Mohammad Shakibi nejad

Those who view the common good theory and any other doctrine as guarantor of the collective interest, argue that the common good theory cannot be the guarantor of individual liberties. It is suggested that this idea of individual freedom is maintained only through private interests. This article criticizing how sociological philosophy deals with fundamental rights in short, supporting Middle class of doctrine of "popular sovereignty" led to 17th and 18th-century popular revolutions, in fact against any false pretexts of the divine origin of power which basic aim was resume and survival of their absolute and Authority monarchy. This theory (popular) which finally overcame to divine theory , at the early period, it’s basic ideas was founded that foundation of government was at basis of popular dialogues and debates ; in other word, government subsequently was a typically social contract which was satisfied by individuals. As regard to the Thomas Hobbs (1) and John Locke (2) had been most THEORISTS of the most influential THEORISTS of these theories which are briefly reviewed through following chapters.

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