Culpability in the Concept of “Energy Balance” Promoted by Major Food Companies: Issues of Justice and Injustice
Briana Robinson, Matthew Robinson

Energy balance is a concept promoted by multinational food corporations with the specific intent of diverting attention from any moral and legal culpability they hold for the global epidemics of obesity and diabetes that stem largely from the heavily processed foods they produce, advertise, and sell. For example, the Global Energy Balance Network, funded by companies such as Coca-Cola, placed blame on individuals for deleterious medical outcomes associated with eating and asserted it is their own responsibility to burn more calories than they consume. In this multi-disciplinary paper, the authors utilize the perspectives of exercise physiology and justice studies to examine claims made by “Big Food” when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. We illustrate truths and falsehoods and discuss implications for justice.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlcj.v11n1a1